Technology Tool Finder

Technology Tool Finder

Find the right tool to enhance your teaching and their learning 

Deepen student learning by taking advantage of teaching and learning technologies available to you and your students. The Technology Tool Finder can help you identify the right tool to achieve a particular learning outcome—and know that it’s IU-supported and vetted for quality and accessibility. 

Draw inspiration from the possibilities

The Technology Tool Finder provides a single destination for you to search or browse IU-supported teaching and learning technologies, as well as whitelisted Canvas Apps. With the Tool Finder, you can explore new opportunities for enhancing content and interacting with your students.

Take the Technology Tool Finder for a spin

Simplify office hours by engaging in focused, real-time discussions outside class.

Track student progress against learning goals and provide substantial, ongoing feedback.

Make the most of cloud storage to stay organized and have teaching materials at your fingertips.

Create innovative course materials that can be accessed from any device.

Turn groups into teams by providing tools and online spaces for student collaboration.

Manage all your courses, including sections, rosters, and attendance.